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reference texts

In Vergilii Aeneidem commentarii 4.523


OEAGRIUS HEBRUS: Oeagrus fluvius est, pater Orphei, de quo Hebrus nascitur, unde eum appellavit Oeagrium.

Translation in Greek

OEAGRIUS HEBRUS: Ο Οίαγρος, ο πατέρας του Ορφέα, είναι ποταμός. Από αυτόν γεννήθηκε ο Έβρος, γι’ αυτό και ονομάστηκε Οιάγριος.

Translation in English

OEAGRIUS HEBRUS: Oeager, the father of Orpheus, is a river. He engendered Hebrus, which is why he is called “son of Oeager”.

Author: Servius

Language : Latin

Text type: Ancient scholia

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