Castle of Xanthi 

The Byzantine castle of Xanthi

North of the city of Xanthi is the Byzantine castle of Xantheia. It was probably built in the 12th century AD. Fragmentary walls and towers are preserved, occupying the top and a large area of the slope. The surviving walls reach a height of up to 10 meters. According to folk tradition, they are called "walls of Xanthippi". The name "Xanthippi" is used locally for the broader area.

Traces of an older enclosure to the south of the castle have led scholars to conclude that the ancient city was located there. However, there is not enough evidence for the location of ancient Xantheia and its identification with the Byzantine city of the same name. Strabo (1st BC - 1st century AD) places the ancient city to the east near Lake Vistonida near Ismaros and Maroneia. He mentions that these three cities were cities of Cicones. Based on ancient sources, many scholars identify Xantheia with Topeirus.

A large part of the castle is covered by vegetation.


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