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Archaeological Museum of Philippi 

Masterpieces bring to life the history of a great city of antiquity

The Archaeological Museum of Philippi houses all the findings from the excavations of this important city of Antiquity and the first Byzantine years. The exhibition is divided into two large sections. On the ground floor of the Archaeological Museum the visitor can see the findings from the excavations that come from the area before its colonization, from the prehistoric period to the 4th century BC. The most important and numerous findings include coins, jewelry, sculpture and vases from the founding of the colony to the end of the Roman period. 

The findings from the Christian city are exhibited on the first floor of the museum. Among them are inscriptions, parts of buildings, mosaics, vases and coins from the early Christian and early Byzantine years, which coincide with the prosperity of the city, until the recession (7th century AD) and its abandonment following the Turkish conquest in the late 14th century.

With the aid of visual material, the visitors complete their acquaintance with the city of Philippi.

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