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Evros (Hebrus) is one of the largest rivers in the Balkan Peninsula, that crosses three countries: Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. Its sources are located in the Rila Mountains of Bulgaria. Evros flows through Bulgaria and enters Greece at Ormenio; it then turns towards the south and forms the border between Greece on the west bank and Turkey on the east entering Turkey at the village of Marasia. Ultimately, after a journey of 530 kilometers, Evros flows into the Thracian Sea. It is a natural border between Greece and Bulgaria, while from Nea Vyssa to the east it is the borderline between Greece and Turkey.

Major tributaries of Evros include Erythropotamos (in Greece), Arda (in Greece and Bulgaria), Tountzas (in Bulgaria and Turkey), and Erginis (in Turkey).

It is a very important wetland with rare flora and fauna.

According to the myth, Hebrus was the son of Haemus and Rhodope and was worshipped by the Thracians as a god. According to Plutarch, the river is named after Hebrus, the son of the mythical king of Thrace Kassandros. After bathing at the spot where the rivers Evros, Ardas, and Tonsus meet, Orestes is said to have been cleansed of the crime of matricide, for which he had been pursued by the Furies.

The river Evros is very popular with people who fish. Spend quality time in nature while fishing by its banks.

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