What is Mythotopia

Mythotopia was created within the “Mythological Routes in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace” project. Starting from the rich mythological background of the area, the website offers visitors an enriched cultural experience.

The project was developed under the “Regional Excellence” program (Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework). Its aim was to promote the cultural wealth of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace as a starting point for tourism.

The project partners are the Institute for Language and Speech Processing / Athena R.C. (project coordinator) and the Department of Greek Philology / DUTh.

How can you use Mythotopia

Through the recording and mapping of the myths that relate to Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, you can travel to its landscapes on the map of today.

Get inspired by the magic of the myths to discover their traces in current life. Schedule your own, personal routes, navigate in points of interest and choose the activities that you prefer.

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