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Title   Myth   Author   Type 
Fabulae 132 Lycurgus Hyginus Mythography
Fabulae 132 Dionysus Hyginus Mythography
Bibliotheca 3.5.1 Edonians Apollodorus Mythography
Bibliotheca 3.5.1 Lycurgus Apollodorus Mythography
Bibliotheca 3.5.1 Dionysus Apollodorus Mythography
Epitome 3.34 Euphemus Apollodorus Mythography
Icaromenippus 24 Bendis Lucian of Samosata Epic poerty
Iliad 2.846-847 Euphemus Homer Epic poerty
Iliad 2.846-847 Cicones Homer Epic poerty
Iliad 6.130-139 Dionysus Homer Epic poerty
On the Names of Rivers and Mountains 5.3 Boreas Pseudo-Plutarch Encyclopedic writings
Persians 492-507 Strymon Aeschylus Tragedy
Hero and Leander 86-108 Hero Musaeus Grammaticus Epyllion
Ab Urbe Condita 38.40-41 Bendis Livy Historiography
Aeneid 12.328-336 Ares Virgil Epic poerty
Aeneis 3.1-18 Lycurgus Virgil Epic poerty
Aeneid 3.10-18 Ares Virgil Epic poerty
Aeneid 3.45-57 Polymestor Virgil Epic poerty
Aeneis 5.533-538 Cisseus Virgil Epic poerty
Aeneid 6.645-647 Orpheus Virgil Epic poerty
Title Myth Author Type
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