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Find out which operas were inspired by each myth. Type their name or part of it or pick a myth or the year of production to search by. You can sort results alphabetically by various parameters.

Title   Myth   Year  
A morte de Orfeu (Fernando de Azevedo e Silva) Orpheus 1907
Amyntas und Phyllis (Christian Ludwig Boxberg) Phyllis 1700
Apollo and Persephone (Gerald Cockshott) Persephone 1954
Bacchus (Massenet, Jules) Dionysus 1909
Bacchus triomphant (Erlanger, Camille) Dionysus 1909
Bacco ed Arianna (Tarchi, Angelo) Dionysus 1784
Bacco fra i vini d'talia (Forino, Luigi) Dionysus 1898
Bacco in Toscana (Brogi, Renato) Dionysus 1923
Bacco in Toscana (Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario) Dionysus 1925
Bacco, vincitore dell'India (Badia, Carlo Agostino) Dionysus 1697
Bakchantinnen (Wellesz, Egon) Dionysus 1931
Barone a forza, ossia Il trionfo di Bacco (Bernardini, Marcello (Marcello di Capua)) Dionysus 1786
Bride of Dionysos (Tovey, Francis) Dionysus 1929
Demofoonte, re di Tracia (Graun, Carl Heinrich) Thrace 1746
Der Tod des Orpheus (Gottlob Bachmann) Orpheus 1798
Der Tod des Orpheus (Hellmuth Christian Wolff) Orpheus 1947
Die Bassariden (Henze, Hans Werner) Dionysus 1966
Die Frösche, oder Der Raub der Proserpina (Johann Langer) Persephone 1929
Orpheus 1698
Die Töchter des Dionysos (Brandl, Johann) Dionysus 1882
Title Myth Year
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