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Myth Gender   Role   Keywords
Haemus Male King Boreas Oreithyia Rhodope transformation mountain
Acamas Male Hero Trojan War Eusorus Ajax Telamonius
Ares Male God Lycurgus Aphrodite Hephaestus war
Bendis Female Goddess Artemis Bendideia moon
Boreas Male Deity Boreas Oreithyia Boreads abduction
Diomedes Male King Flesh-eating horses labours of Hercules Lake Bistonis Abdera
Dionysus Male God Bacchus Mount Pangaeon Lycurgus Great Dionysia Bacchanalia wine
Hebrus Male God Rhombus Damasippe Orestes Maenads river rape drowning dismemberment purification
Eumolpus Male King Eleusinian Mysteries Boreas Oreithyia Ismarus
Euphemus Male Hero Troezen Cicones Trojan War
Edonians Male Mythical people Dionysus Lycurgus Helle orgiastic worship
Hero Female Priestess Hellespont tower lamp
Thamyris Male Musician Muses singer art musical contests blindness
Thassos Male Hero Hercules Cadmus Europe Tyre Phoenicia colonisation
Thrace Female Nymph Oceanus Europa Ares
Ismarus Male Hero Eumolpus Tegyrius
Cabeiri Male Divinities Samothrace Hephaestus Cabeiro rites mysteries
Cicones Male Mythical people Odyssey Ismarus Xantheia Maroneia Orpheus Iliad Ephemus Mentes Boreas Oreithyia wine
Cisseus Male King Iphidamas Anchises Archelaus
Lycurgus Male King Dionysus Bacchants god-sent madness
Maron Male Priest, King Maroneia Odysseus Apollo Dionysus wine
Musaeus Male Musician, poet, soothsayer Eumolpus Orpheus Eleusinian Mysteries
Oeager Male King Orpheus Calliope
Orestes Male Hero Clytemnestra Furies matricide vengeance purification
Orpheus Male Musician Eurydice music Underworld descent lyre
Pangaeus Male Hero Ares Mount Pangaeon
Persephone Female Goddess Demeter Pluton Zygactes Underworld pomegranate cycle of the seasons
Polymestor Male King Polydorus Hecuba Priam Ajax murder hospitality greed
Rhesus Male King Troy Strymon Diomedes Odysseus horses
Rhodope Female Queen Haemus punishment mountains
Sithon Male King King Ares Poseidon Pallene suitors
Strymon Male River river Rhesus Hercules
Tereus Male King Procne Philomela Itys ravishment
Philammon Male Musician Apollo Hermes Chione Thamyris
Phineus Male King Zetes Calais Argonauts oracular powers blindness
Phyllis Female Princess Demophon Amphipolis Nine Roads suicide
Myth Gender   Role   Keywords   
Total records: 36
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