Phyllis is transformed into an almond tree 

Oil painting Phillida Turning into an Almond Tree, Louise Jopling (1883)

Louise Jopling's painting depicts Phyllis transforming into an almond tree. According to Servius (In Vergili Bucolicon librum commentarius 5.10), Phyllis was transformed into an almond tree. When Demophon returned to Thrace, found out what had happened, and hugged the tree’s trunk. Then she sprouted leaves as a sign of her love.

Caption Oil on canvas with Phyllis being transformed into an almond tree

Mythic people Phyllis (Princess)

Type Other

Artist/Creator Louise Jopling

Current position Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum, Bournemouth (UK)

Index number BORGM 01167

Dating 1883 AD


Phyllis | Art UK

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